The comfortable switch

Adult smokers can comfortably and successfully switch to smoke-free tobacco for a number of reasons, including:

1. Smoke-free tobacco products are 98% safer than cigarettes.

While no tobacco product is completely safe, government agencies and anti-tobacco extremists routinely misinform smokers about the relative safety of smoke-free products.

Unlike cigarettes, smoke-free tobacco does not cause lung cancer, heart disease or emphysema. Smokers rightfully worry about mouth cancer, but they should take comfort in the fact that the risk for mouth cancer with smoke-free tobacco is far lower than it is with cigarettes.

Statistically, smokeless users have about the same risk of dying from mouth cancer as automobile users have of dying in a car wreck.

Switching from cigarettes to smokeless provides almost all of the health benefits of complete tobacco abstinence.

2. Smoke-free tobacco provides the nicotine kick adult smokers crave.

Nicotine is not the major cause of any disease associated with smoking. Its effects are comparable to those of caffeine, a substance that is highly addictive but safely consumed in coffee, tea and cola drinks. With cigarettes, it’s the smoke that kills. Adult smokers need to know they can get nicotine in far safer ways.

3. Smoke-free tobacco products can be used invisibly, in any social situation.

Many products on the market today – like snus, pellet and dissolvables – are convenient, discrete and do not require spitting.

4. There’s no second-hand smoke with smoke-free products.

Adult smokers who switch to smoke-free tobacco produce no passive smoke to harm others. The American Heart Association estimates that 40,000 Americans die annually from diseases related to second-hand smoke.