Finally, a proven way to quit.

Whether you’ve smoked for a few years or a few decades, quitting cigarettes is amazingly hard. At times, it may seem downright impossible. But there’s hope, in the form of smoke-free tobacco.

All forms of tobacco are not equally risky

Contrary to popular belief, tobacco and nicotine are not the causes of smoking-related illnesses like lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema – it’s the smoke.

Burning tobacco is an efficient way to get addictive nicotine, but it creates literally thousands of harmful chemicals, including 60 that are known to cause cancer. Inhaling those chemicals leads to many illnesses. Smoke-free products provide nicotine without dangerous smoke.

That’s why the Switch and Quit campaign promotes smoke-free, spit-free tobacco products as a safer, but still satisfying, alternative for adult smokers. See how smoke-free can set you free.

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