Robin M., 46

“I smoked for at least 20 years and got up to two packs a day. My job is pretty stressful and smoking was always my release. But I never liked that my clothes and hair smelled like cigarettes. I tried to quit several times before and had used everything from the patch to Chantix to gum. Nothing worked for me.

“When I heard Dr. Rodu speak I was completely intrigued. The next week I caught a really bad cold that turned into bronchitis. My family doctor put me on steroids and I still kept smoking. When I coughed so hard that I cracked a rib, it should have been the sign, right? Nope. I kept on smoking.

“One night I lay in bed and was coughing so hard I was literally gasping for air and I just thought, ‘I really don’t want to die this way.’ The next morning I sent my husband to to buy Ariva and Camel Snus. That was September 16, 2010 and I haven’t had even a draw off a cigarette since then.

“My experience using the Switch and Quit method has been awesome. I can sit in meetings and not wonder when I can have my next cigarette. I’m much more productive at work since I’m not taking smoking breaks. When I travel, I don’t feel anxious in airports and on planes. And even though I’m around smokers all the time, I’m not tempted to smoke.

“Life in general is just easier and better. I like being able to carry small purses when I choose to since I don’t have to carry a pack or two of cigarettes and a lighter. My house smells wonderful and stays much cleaner. I haven’t done the math, but I know I’ve saved thousands of dollars by not smoking.”