I smoked at least a pack a day of cigarettes for 38 years. I have tried to quit many times using nictoine gum, patches, Chantix, and hypnosis but nothing worked for me. I started using electronic cigarettes in Oct. 2011 and have not even touched a tobacco cigarette since. I feel better, look better (no more brown teeth and mustache) and definitely smell better! I have worked my way down from 18mg/ml nicotine to 11mg/ml and this week will be cutting down to 9/mg/ml on my way to a goal of 0 nicotine. I just wish the government would recognize e-cigs as a valid harm reduction device. I’m sure in the long run that e-cigarettes will help more people quit smoking permanently than the currently approved methods. Another plus note is the fact that I have cut my monthly expenses by at least 1/2!