Gayle S., 62

“I started smoking when I was 12, sneaking Lucky Strikes from my dad when I’d go to the store to buy his cigarettes. You could do that back then. I smoked for 35 years and eventually got up to three packs a day. I didn’t want to go to bed without having one on the nightstand in case I woke up and wanted to smoke.

“I decided it was time to quit when I couldn’t smoke at work, so I cut back a little. Then my dad got lung cancer and died not too long after his surgery, so that was what convinced me to quit.

“When I tried Oliver Twist and chewed that, the smoking part was done. Eventually I was able to move to non-tobacco snuff (Smoky Mountain). I’m totally cured and didn’t go crazy because I was able to get the nicotine fix, and then the oral satisfaction when I needed it.”