The guide to smoke-free products

Smoke-free products, often referred to as “smokeless” tobacco, are the critical elements in the Switch and Quit campaign. Unlike nicotine patches and gums, many smoke-free tobacco products including pellets, snus, dissolvables and e-cigarettes provide a level of nicotine comparable to that found in cigarettes. This makes them satisfying replacements for even the heaviest smokers.

  • In order to be effective substitutes for cigarettes, all of these products provide nicotine and full tobacco flavor.
  • All of these products are easy to use in any social situation. Simply place them under your upper lip (snus or pellets), or on your tongue (dissolvables), anytime you would normally smoke a cigarette for a smoke-free, spit-free tobacco experience.
  • All of these products are available in Owensboro.

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