Join the movement to live smoke-free

Switch and Quit is a University of Louisville campaign based on the tobacco harm reduction research of Dr. Brad Rodu. Switch and Quit involves the substitution of significantly less dangerous forms of tobacco – smoke-free tobacco products – for harmful cigarettes.

Co-authored in a study by Dr. Rodu, adult smokers who switched to smoke-free tobacco experienced a 73% success rate – 38% higher than smokers who used the nicotine patch.*

By providing the guidance and support on switching and quitting, we can help adult smokers living in Owensboro become ex-smokers – for good – and help them live healthier lives. And as more folks choose a smoke-free lifestyle, the Owensboro community becomes a healthier place to live, work and play!

* Rodu and Phillips, Harm Reduction Journal 5: 18, 2008